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Session Expectations

What should you expect from a session with Robyn Allen Photography?

Fun, and adventure with a few “dad jokes” sprinkled throughout.
My sessions are more relaxed than the posed and stiff family sessions that you may have experienced in the past. I want to capture true emotion, real smiles, and motion. I of course grab a few posed “everyone look at me” photos at the beginning of the session, and from there it is time to let lose and play a few games, run a little, and explore.  My focus is you, your experience, your memories, and creating photos that you are proud to display and share.

What to Wear?
Movement is very important for your session and in your photos. I recommend flowy dresses for women and girls, and well fitting pants and shirts for the men and boys. Neutral and earthy color pallets compliment most everyone and every location.

Avoid being “matchy-matchy” and instead find colors and patterns that compliment each other. Stuck in a rut? Feel free to reach out! I am more than happy to send style suggestions!

Love Patterns? I do too! but try and keep them to a minimum, one or two people in a pattern such a floral, stripe, plaid, and the others in solid colors.

Avoid bright colors and neons. Not only are they harsh to the camera, they reflect onto your skin.

And as always, feel free to send an email or text. I would love to help style your shoot!